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Beechlawn Organic Farm,Plásóg na bhFeá

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Product Categories

Parsley 50g Galway

Price :€2.00

Aubergine 1pc new Spain

Price :€1.50

Baby Spinach 200g Italy

Price :€3.00

Beetroot Bunch Ballinasloe 650g

Price :€1.80

Brussel Sprouts 500g Ballinasloe

Price :€2.00

Butternut Squash 1kg Holland

Price :€3.50

Cabbage Green Pointed Irish 1pc

Price :€1.60

Cabbage Red 1pc Ballinasloe

Price :€2.50

Cabbage White 1pc Ballinasloe

Price :€2.50

Cauliflower 1pc Holland

Price :€4.60

Lemons 500g Spain

Price :€2.50

Oranges 1kg South Africa

Price :€6.50

Avocado Hass 1pc Mexico

Price :€2.00

Bananas Dominican Republic 500g

Price :€1.65

Cooking Apples Galway 1kg

Price :€3.00

Grapes Red Globe 500g

Price :€3.00

Kiwis 500g Greece

Price :€2.50

Clementines 500g Spain

Price :€2.60

Pineapple 1pc Chile

Price :€2.85

Grapefruit Red 1pc South Africa

Price :€1.95

Large seasonal Veg Box

Price :€50.00

Regular Seasonal Veg Box

Price :€25.00

Juicing Veg Box

Price :€25.00

Favourites veg box

Price :€25.00

Stir Fry box

Price :€25.00

Medium Seasonal Box

Price :€35.00

Winter Soup & Stew Box

Price :€30.00

Just for 2 Box

Price :€20.00

Grown in Ireland veg box ( all Irish box)

Price :€30.00

Fruit Bag

Price :€10.00

Ekoplaza Salted Rice Cakes 100g

Price :€2.00

Dried dates 750g

Price :€5.50

Flour Self Raising 500g

Price :€2.50

Almonds 250g Horizon (Spain)

Price :€4.95

Linseed/flaxseed 200g Holland Organic Brown

Price :€2.00

Green Mung Beans 400g

Price :€2.70

Kilbeggan Jumbo Porridge Oats 1kg

Price :€4.50

Organic Pumpkin Seeds 250g

Price :€2.95

Lentils Red 400g

Price :€2.80

Producers and Distributors of Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Beechlawn Organic Farm is recognised as a producer of the best quality organic vegetables in Ireland, bringing healthy food to our customers , grown by our team in a sustainable way. We are happy in our work

  • Growing only using natural methods
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Employing 15 staff in Galway
  • Always happy to help by phone, text or email
  • Customer feedback is they can taste a big difference. We hope you find it delicious too.

Supplying over 60 Shops & Restaurants in Ireland with Pre-Packed & Loose Organic Vegetables

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What Our Customers Say

We have been receiving a weekly veg box for over 10 years now, it’s a brilliant service, with very tasty, good value organic fruit and veg.

P. Fagan Athlone

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